Hi everyone, I’m Ben!! Congratulations on arriving at the Hear Ben Speak about page. Firstly, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for visiting my website! This page will tell you a little bit about me and what this site is for. I hope you will find its contents useful and informative.

Mission objectives:

This website is designed as a platform focusing specifically on three main areas: Science, Technology and Health. The topics within these areas are clearly split into distinct categories. Therefore, it is my personal goal to share awesome ideas within this niche and then SHOW you how to use them to improve your life to fuel massive success. I also want to talk about current and future science & technological innovations that could be affecting ALL of our lives both now and in the near future. This is a platform that will be of benefit to anyone-no matter who you are.

My Story

Growing up, I have always been fascinated by science and health. I originally planned on becoming a medical doctor but decided to do a Biochemistry Degree instead which I completed in 2015. Even after my graduation, I still wasn’t sure what to do next-so I took some time out to think it through. Luckily, new doors opened up for me the following year. I got the opportunity to do a PGCE course to train to be a Secondary Science Teacher!! The teaching profession is immensely challenging, and yet rewarding too. Now even though I started it, I made the tough decision to step down from the course after realising that it wasn’t what I wanted at this point in my life.

A temporary intermission period from professional teacher training in the UK then gave me the inspiration to launch Hear Ben Speak. It’s perhaps no surprise that I’m writing on science, health and technology, right?? No, of course not!! The material on my website is from my own personal knowledge and wider research. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much I enjoyed creating it for you. Best of luck and stay strong!! Do feel free to contact me using the information provided on the ‘Contact’ page at the bottom of my website.

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