Public Health

In this section, you will find all our articles to do with public health. We cover things to do with the health and welfare of communities around the world. As humanity becomes more advanced, our knowledge of public health issues increases. It’s something that affects us all, no matter who you are or your respective background. Therefore, our aim is to raise awareness about such relevant topics. This includes things such as chemicals, personal hygiene and disease. In fact, anything that concerns public health.

In each instance, we’ll highlight what the main problem is. Then afterwards, we’ll then look at how it directly affects us. We’ll also try and look at possible measures to guard against it. Sometimes, the issue isn’t right on our doorstep. So, it’s actually about something that is yet to occur down the line. Similarly, we’ll also analyse the potential risks/dangers. Informing our audience is just the beginning. But ultimately, the word should get around to as many people as possible. Please note that some of these posts are also in other sections of the science tab.

How antibiotic resistance threatens the survival of mankind

How antibiotic resistance threatens the survival of mankind Health services now face greater challenges than ever before. This is partly due to a greater world population and higher life expectancy. The range of health issues is just vast and numerous. But from among the list, antibiotic resistance really stands out. It’s a huge threat to …

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