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Are you struggling with bad habits in your life or low self-esteem? Want to try out some new skills and discover your hidden talent? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Cultivating good lifestyle habits will help you ace in every department. Yes, the workplace, free time, hobbies etc. Basically, come here to learn how to crush life and be the BEST version of yourself! Please note that some articles here can also be found in the ‘nutrition’ section of the Health tab. Just scroll down below and find what you’re looking for!!

How to cure depression with EXERCISE!!

How to cure depression with EXERCISE!!   Depression is a widespread mental health issue these days, especially among young people. I’ve never suffered from depression personally, so I can’t talk from personal experience. But given its prevalence, plenty of research is being done to understand it better. In this post, we’re going look at proven …

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